Best Walleye Rod - Top 5 for 2024 + Tips & Techniques

Fishing for walleye is among the most rewarding pursuits out there, especially in 2024. Anglers far and wide hoping to catch these tasty fish are always on the lookout for the ultimate walleye fishing rod.

We take an in-school look at some of the best options available this year, equipped diving headfirst into each one's features and what makes it a great tool for catching Walleyes. Whether you're experienced or just getting started, wishing for success on the water begins with gearing up properly — starting with that perfect walleye rod!

We'll also provide a brief buyer's guide to help you choose the right best walleye rod for your needs. So, whether you are a beginner or an experienced angler, read on to find out which walleye rods are best suited for catching walleyes!

You'll want to pay attention to things like rod power, rod action, rod length and material when making your choice for a walleye rod, and we'll help you narrow down the options to find the perfect one for you for your best walleye fishing trip. So let's get started!

Fenwick Elite Tech Walleye Fishing Spinning Rod

Length: 5'9" - 7'6" | Rod Handle Material: TAC/EVA

Number Of Pieces: 1 | Guide Type: Titanium

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Angelers looking to experience superior performance, sensitivity and strength-to-weight ratio all in one rod should look no further than the Fenwick Elite Tech Walleye Fishing Spinning Rod. Fenwick has been around forever and has always been one of my favorite brand fishing rods.

This walleye fishing rod is designed with a fast taper backbone and split cork handle for superior balance, control, and lightness that ensures you will feel every single nibble. Offering superior quality components including stainless steel guides and lightweight nylon reel seats, this sturdy and durable rod is sure to become your favorite for years to come.

Whether you are fishing from shore or in your boat, the Fenwick Elite Tech Walleye Fishing Rod will have you enjoying a superior fishing experience!


• Exceptional sensitivity and strength-to-weight ratio

• Premium materials and construction for the ultimate in quality

• Custom reel seat for a perfect fit

• Split-grip cork handles provide a comfortable, sure grip

• Lifetime limited warranty

St. Croix Avid Walleye Spinning Rod

Length: 5'8" - 8' | Rod Handle Material: Super-grade cork

Number Of Pieces: 1 | Guide Type: Stainless Steel

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The St. Croix Avid Walleye Spinning Rod is widely recognized as the premier walleye rod for walleye anglers. Its extreme light weight and astonishing sensitivity make it a leader among competitors, but it's the superb in-hand feel that really sets it apart.

Whether you're looking to cast further out and deeper down, or need the extra sensitivity while trolling, this spinning rod gives you the perfect combination of performance, precision, and rod power to get the job done right.

This spinning rod is the solution. It gives the perfect harmony of performance, exactness and power that is necessary to make sure your job is successfully completed.

Allow yourself the convenience of enhanced casting range, tremendous strength and poise when setting a catch. These dependable characteristics work in synergy to bring dazzling results with each line tossed into the water.

With this rod at your disposal, distance, accuracy and power shall be satisfactory every time so that success of catching fish won’t be far away. Move beyond mundane expectations and towards pristine efficiency with this custom crafted spinning rod spooled up with precisely calibrated power!


• Integrated Poly Curve (IPC) tooling technology - provides a perfectly smooth tapered blank

• Taper Enhancement Technology (TET) - produces the right action and sensitivity for walleye fishing

• Advanced Reinforcing Technology (ART) - strengthens the rod without adding weight

• Fortified Resin System (FRS) - creates a durable finish that won't chip or peel

• Stainless steel guide frames and rings - resist corrosion and wear

• Lightweight nylon reel seat - reduces overall weight

• Super-grade cork handle - provides a secure grip and comfortable feel

Douglas XMatrix Spinning Rod

Length: 6'6" - 10'6" | Rod Handle Material: High-density EVA

Number Of Pieces: 1 - 3 | Guide Type: Fuji alconite

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If you are an angler looking for the ultimate fishing rod experience, the Douglas XMatrix Spinning Rod is what you need. It is crafted with a proprietary glare-resistant carbon matrix blank that provides the most accurate casting available.

Additionally, this incredibly sensitive rod is perfect for fishing for walleye as it allows you to detect even the slightest biting motion. And with 19 Spinning and more than 30 Casting techniques & applications, this course features a comprehensive selection of exclusive actions that are guaranteed to impress.

It has a unique construction of nano-fiber technology throughout its body which makes it strong enough to handle up to 18 lb line. With the overall design and unique features, this rod will give you an amazing day of fishing without fail and is a perfect walleye fishing rod. Douglas has been my go-to rod lately weather I'm fishing for walleye, pike or bass.


• Delivers an extremely sensitive and responsive fish-fighting experience

• Unique construction allows for extreme strength-to-weight ratio

• Proprietary carbon matrix ensures optimal performance and durability

• Fuji CC Alconite guides provide superior protection against abrasion and eliminate line wrap

• Welded CC Alconite tip top prevents damage to your fishing line

• Quality Fuji reel seat with hidden threads provides a solid foundation for your reel

G.Loomis IMX Walleye Spinning Rod

Length: 6'3" - 7'1" | Rod Handle Material: Full cork

Number Of Pieces: 1 | Guide Type: Fuji

Check Price on Bass Pro Shop

The G.Loomis IMX Walleye Spinning Rod is designed to provide a heightened sense of sensitivity when fishing for walleye. Its propriety IMX technology allows anglers to feel and detect even the slightest breath from the fish below, allowing for precise calculations of their next cast and improved ability to lure them in. This is a great walleye rod and not only offers a confidence boost but also makes fishing for walleye more enjoyable!


  • IMX blanks are extremely lightweight and sensitive, so you can feel the walleye breath
  • Technique specific actions for jigging, trolling, or casting provide the perfect power and precision for each technique
  • Fuji guides with Alconite inserts provide extreme toughness and sensitivity
  • Cork handles reduce weight and give a more comfortable grip
  • Mid-body reel seat keeps your reel in balance with the rod

St. Croix Eyecon Trolling Rod

Length: 5' - 10' | Rod Handle Material: Premium EVA

Number Of Pieces: 1 - 2 | Guide Type: Kigan Master Hand 3D

Check Price on Bass Pro Shop

The St. Croix Eyecon Trolling Rod is the perfect idea for trolling walleye, consistently delivering with power and accuracy. It's built with a combination of SCII graphite and SCI fiberglass construction, making it incredibly tough and reliable.

St. Croix also offers a 5 year warranty which ensures its quality by covering defects in material or workmanship – giving you extra confidence in their product. Whether you're an experienced pro or starting out new, the St. Croix Eyecon Trolling Rod could just be the right fit for you!


  • Exclusive technologies and construction provide the ultimate in strength, sensitivity and power
  • The Kigan Master Hand 3D guide system gives incredible casting distance and accuracy
  • Fuji TCS reel seats are incredibly stable and secure on the rod
  • Premium EVA handles give you a comfortable, firm grip even when wet

Walleye Fishing Rod In Closing

For the angler looking for a top-tier best walleye rod, there is no shortage of quality rod options & rod features! From Fenwick and St. Croix to Douglas and G.Loomis - each brand provides an elite walleye fishing experience that will help you land more walleye than ever before!

When searching for the perfect fishing rod, you need to find one that goes with your personal fishing style and different fishing techniques. The good news is that no matter which option you select from these trusted brands, you're sure to enjoy a successful fishing adventure!

The materials used in their craftsmanship are of the highest quality and industry experts stand by their superior design components – so your satisfaction is ultimately guaranteed. Feel confident knowing that whichever walleye rod you choose will provide outstanding results for your journey out onto the open water.

Tips & Technique

What rod is best for walleye?

There is a lot of debate among anglers about what the best rod is for walleye fishing. Some people swear by using a medium power, light action rod, while others prefer a medium or heavy action rod. really boils down to personal preference and what works best for you.

If you're just getting started in walleye fishing, then it's probably best to stick with a medium action rod. This will give you the most versatility and allow you to fish different types of waters with ease. Once you get more experience under your belt, then you can start experimenting with different types of walleye rods to see what works best for you.

No matter what type of walleye rod you choose, make sure that it's comfortable for you to use and that it's able to handle the type of fish that you're targeting. With so many great options on the market, there's no excuse not to have a quality walleye rod in your arsenal!

When it comes to selecting the best size reel for walleye, most anglers agree that a spinning reel is the preferred option. This is because they are lightweight and versatile and provide increased casting distance with minimal effort. They also offer a smooth drag system with adjustable tension settings as well as line capacity that can accommodate lines of up to twelve pounds or more, depending on the model.

What size reel for walleye?

The ideal size spinning reel for walleye should be between 2000-4000 in terms of its gear ratio and 5-8 ball bearings would provide ample smoothness when retrieving your catch.

Look for reels made from lightweight materials such as graphite which will help minimize fatigue from long days out fishing in challenging weather conditions.

Also, look at features like anti reverse, an ergonomic handle design and an oversized arbor spool, all of these features may assist you when retrieving your catch quickly using a minimum amount of energy expended over time during extended fishing trips or tournament competitions on cold mornings where every second counts!

Overall choosing the right size spinning reel becomes more important when targeting walleye due to their larger size than smaller fish species requiring extra emphasis on ensuring you have a sturdy build coupled with reliable components ready to tackle any challenge while out fishing!

Colored Jigs

What color is most visible to a walleye fishing?

The best color to be most visible to a walleye fishing is one that provides contrast in the environment. Walleyes typically prefer bait that has some degree of light reflection, as this helps attract their attention.

For clear water environments with little sediment and vegetation, white, silver and yellow baits are often the go-to colors. These colors can always help entice a bite when walleyes become finicky due to heavy fishing pressure or lack of natural forage.

In stained or murky waters where visibility is limited, bright fluorescent colors like chartreuse and pink work well because they appear brighter than realistic tones in lower lighting conditions.

Colorful artificial worms such as jig spinners also stand out from natural hues found on living prey organisms in these types of environments; furthermore, anglers can experiment with various combinations of different colored baits for greater effect.

Finally, for waters with dense populations of weeds and aquatic vegetation – many lakes across Canada have this issue right now – glow-in-the-dark lures truly shine through by providing an attractive silhouette to keying in on while also having enhanced visibility due to their unique luminescence abilities!

When using these types of lures at night time it’s important to ensure they glow brightly enough so not just predators but you make them out too!

There are three main techniques of fishing walleye – trolling, jigging, and still / bobber fishing

Anglers who want to maximize their chances of catching walleye should become familiar with all three main techniques of fishing for this popular gamefish. Trolling, jigging, and still / bobber fishing each have their own advantages and disadvantages, so it's important to know when to use each one.

In general, walleye trolling is best for covering large areas of water in a short amount of time, while jigging and still or bobber fishing are better for targeting specific areas where walleye are known to be. By becoming proficient in all three methods, you'll be ready to fish for walleye anytime, anywhere.

Trolling is a great way to fish for walleye because it allows you to cover a lot of ground and find where the fish are biting

Trolling is one of the most sought-after techniques when fishing for walleye. This is because it allows you to cover a large area of the water while still having your bait and lures either close to the surface, where most of the walleye are located in the spring with cooler temperatures or deeper during the hot summer months.

Furthermore, trolling gives anglers the opportunity to cover deeper depths that may be overlooked if they fish in just one spot. As such, this is an effective technique for simply "moving around" until you find where the walleye are biting.

On top of that, it also allows anglers to locate many areas with potential schools of walleye without spooking them away from fully committing to taking a bait or lure. All in all, trolling is an excellent way for fishers looking for a larger haul of walleye to find more success on their trips out onto open waters.

What is the best length of a rod for trolling walleye?

When it comes to the best length of a trolling rod for trolling walleye, you want to aim for something in the 8 - 8.5 foot range. This rod length allows anglers to cover a nice swath of water while they are trolling, which increases their chances of success.

Plus, this allows them to use heavy weights and get down deep where walleye often lurk. Additionally, walleye rods of this length give anglers plenty of power when setting the hook and fighting larger fish.

A shorter rods won't allow you access to all areas that might hold walleye, while one that is too long can be cumbersome and harder to cast with accuracy or maneuver around obstacles like rocks or logs. You also don't want your line getting tangled up on every single blade from your motor either!

Walleye jigging is another popular technique that can be very effective, especially when the fish are not biting as much

Jigging walleye is a great way to catch fish when the bite is slow. It involves abruptly and periodically jerking the rod tip, which causes the jig lure to move through the water column with wobbling action.

This movement entices fish to strike since it resembles their natural food sources like crustaceans and juvenile baitfish. Walleye jigging also covers more area than more traditional fishing techniques, allowing you to cover likely habitats and changing locations quickly.

When it comes to tempting finicky fish, jigging walleye can be incredibly effective if done properly!

What is the best length for a walleye jigging rod?

When it comes to walleye jigging rods, the best length for success is typically between 5.5' and 6'. This size offers the perfect balance of responsiveness and accuracy needed to effectively fish for walleye. The shorter rod provides accurate casting and fast retrieval which can be incredibly important when working tight cover or heavy currents.

What is the best power / action for a walleye jigging rod?

In terms of power, medium-light action is ideal for walleye jigging - enough backbone to move fish plus sensitivity for quick reaction time on bites but not so much as to be difficult when trying to feel lighter bites through light line. Ideally this should be paired with a quality reel spooled with 8-12 lb. test line, allowing fishermen the ability to target big Walleyes while still feeling subtle strikes.

Finally, something else worth taking into consideration when selecting your rod is if you plan on using steel leaders – these are suggested (or required) when targeting pike or other sharp-toothed species while fishing shallow waters or weeds over rocky structure where biting off may become an issue without them – in this case look into slightly higher powers rods that can handle steel leaders better than lighter rods usually do without sacrificing action too greatly.

Overall having a 5’6" rod to 6′ will help establish angler comfortability combined with good quality components such as blank material/action rating all enabling more efficient jigging presentations resulting in more catches!

Still fishing or bobber fishing is the easiest type of fishing. All you have to do is cast your bait and let it sit

There's no need to worry about techniques like jigging or trolling. All you have to do is cast your bait and let it sit - after that, all that’s left to do is wait for a bite!

As such, this type of fishing is great for those looking to conserve energy while waiting by a serene lake or river banks. When using spinning rods, all you really have to do is relax and enjoy nature - and if you're lucky enough, some fresh fish as well!

Still fishing or bobber fishing is the easiest type of fishing

No matter which technique you use, always make sure you have the proper equipment and bait so you can catch as many walleyes as possible

Fishing for walleyes is more than just tossing a line into the water– it’s an art that requires skill and knowledge. To catch as many of these attractive gamefish as possible, it’s important to make sure that you have the right kind of equipment and bait. Whether you prefer jigging, vertical jigging, trolling or still fishing, having the proper gear is key.

Choosing quality lures or real bait can be just as valuable as choosing the right fishing rod and reel set up, in terms of attracting walleyes and hooking them successfully. With the best tools in hand, you could be reeling in record catches in no time!

While there are many different techniques that can be used to catch walleye, trolling, jigging, and still fishing are some of the most popular and effective options. By trying out all three methods, you will be able to figure out which one works best for you and the conditions you are fishing in.

Always make sure you have the proper equipment on hand so you can make the most of your time spent fishing for walleye. Do you have a favorite method or tip for catching this delicious fish?

Happy Fishing!

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